Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I have been really super slack and haven't blogged in ages. I guess it is a sign of settling in to London life, no novelty to write about. Life has been ticking over and I have been enjoying it. I am finally learning how to enjoy London - it really has to be about the people here. I mean Coronation Street is a doco - but people watch it for the characters not the scenery!

Last weekend we went to Borough Markets - AGAIN! It is so great - Julian didn't miss out on his Chorizo thank God - my life wouldn't be worth living if he did - they actually counted how many people were in line to match how many sausages were left. It was a close shave. We have bought a food processor and now we will be able to cook everything in Nigella. I was a bit concerned that my domesticity wouldn't kick in til the baby was born and by then it would be too late. But it seems to be taking care of itself. I even read how to cook an egg in Delia on Sunday morning.

I am really looking forward to seeing Mum and Dad and Lucie. For all different reasons. I kind of wish I could drink in Greece, but only because being so sensible is making me feel a bit old. It sounds as though Lucie is having a blast in Greece. I have been trying to divide my life up into chunks until the baby arrives - makes the expanse of time seem more manageable - people say the time will fly but it totally isn't flying. And still nothing to show for it all. Oh well. I have my next scan very soon, and I have been feeling the little bugger wriggle all night every night for the last week which is lovely.