Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I don't see no ring on this finger!

So now I can't carry on like a guest on Rikki Lake.
Julian proposed by the Seine at a little park behind Notre Dame.
Betty Jean was asleep thankfully. It was all terribly romantic.
The ring is recycled as per my wishes. Let this be a lesson to all
planning on having babies : Julian has been hiding this ring for 9 months
waiting for the right moment - 9 months! Julian is just heavenly and makes
most men look really crap. I am very much in love.

Betty Jean misses out on Le Metro.

Our hotel room looks like baby rock stars have trashed it.
This is little Michel, BJ's new friend.

Better as a lomo - again, until we get our scanner...

Poupee goes on a train ride.

Yum, this is great. French baby food is full of sugar and salt.

Michel is also yummy (BTW, Betty Jean is cutting her teeth. Her little
Princess Tina "crying tooth" tshirt doesn't fit yet, but I think
she will have to wear it anyway as a warning to people trying to come
near her.)

Like our neighbours Jade and Kate, Betty knows when there are
cameras around!

More like her daddy every day.

Petit Betty

This is not just about Betty - I just thought that sounded cute. Just got back from Paris and until I buy a flatbed on eBay, these crummy digital copies will just have to do. In real life they are so gorgeous - we took them with Julian's old Polaroid Land Camera. It's such a shame that Polaroid is no more. There is another blog to follow - I am blogging super quickly because without our blog we might disappear.