Monday, December 04, 2006

This week in OK! Heather and Denise Reconcile.

Julian has found a WIN YIP. It's like the supermarket in Market City, Haymarket. He did go into meltdown, but to his credit, this is the weirdest packaging he brought into our home. Often we end up with cutely packaged food that tastes like sand mixed with MSG.

Getting right into the consumer frenzy, Julian also bought us a tree! It is the first tree we have ever had. So each year, Christmas is getting better. No Quorn Spaghetti bol for us on Christmas Day this year!

Our baubles are now covered in Prince Charles'
cheese biscuits. Tasty.

The flat looks like a Tabaret.


Heather and Denise have decided that no cock is worth losing a friend over. Here they are in their new penthouse. I have discovered that chickens are pretty stupid. I am not really sure what I was expecting. They really seem to like us. I am spending a lot of time in my wellies collecting worms and snails for them as they seem too dense to recognise freedom. We leave their gate open all day, but they like the comfort of home. It has really given us a lot of satisfaction. We have always fancied ourselves as chicken owners, so it's like achieving a life goal. Poor Bunny is having some teeth out tomorrow. As if it isn't hard enough defending herself from the Betty Monster with red falsies on....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Summer palace at Kew - looks
like a doll's house, doesn't it?

Upstairs inside the palm house

Betty Jean hosts the playdate.

BJ is sick, I am sick, and even Bunny is sick (luckily we just had her insured!) We're all feeling quite miserable, and Julian is sick of listening to us blow our noses and moan.
Went to Kew last weekend. So gorgeous at this time of year. It's very much under the flight path and it is a shame that nature is devalued so much that 'they' don't care about preserving the serentity.

Julian is very important - the sequel

Julian has finally had an opportunity to work on a REAL charity job with a REAL client - and it's a very worthy one. I wouldn't have known this if Julian hadn't told me, but that's the Thames in them thar trees!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Animals and Children

BJ and Minky

Betty Jean loves brushing her teeth

So excited about seeing Jason and Minky
that she can't keep her tongue in!

Strangely Baby city -
the Tate Modern members Bar

With Sylvie at the Tate

Too much love for Bunny!

We've been very busy trying to do all the things we won't be able to do when we eventually leave London. Betty Jean created some performance art at the Tate where we saw Fischli and Weiss. Very funny. Post modern installation art is so pointless, so I love it when it's actually fun. We went for a walk up to the top of Hampstead Heath and saw the best view of London ever. And we went to the Honest Sausage in Regents Park. The weather til now has been gorgeous. Very crisp and sunny, with no wind. BJ has befriended Bunny in a way that I am not sure of Bunny appreciates. Bunny deserves some kind of cat-medal.
Ok so our weblog really has degenerated into a kind of babyshrine. Will take some pics of me and Julian to make it seem like we actually do something. We are having a family meeting tonight to decide what breed of chickens to buy. We'll take some photos of our first attempt to put the chicken to bed when we buy our Eglu. (We have decided to give each other an Eglu for Christmas, so no other presents for me, Julian or BJ. The chickens and the purple Eglu will be more than enough. Maybe we should call the chooks Wendy and Lisa?)