Friday, April 28, 2006

More from Gravetye

Not sure why they do this but it looks very decorative.
I am sure it has a purpose - maybe even just to make the leaves
yello, maybe for frost protection. Don't know what these
are called so I can't even look it up.

Comfrey. You grow this and put in in a stinking tub of water
and it makes liquid fertiliser on tap.

These are rows of raspberries - well they will be.

These are "espaliered". There were pears, plums, kiwis.
I guess they pick up heat on the wall but are protected from wind.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter with the Wolkensteins at Gravetye.

Gravetye Manor.
(click for link)



Our country home.

To the manor born.

Mummy and BJ relax.
(BJ loves magazines - especially OK and Hello.
She loves Jordan and Peter Andre).


The view from our window - the guy who built this garden was
a pioneer in English Wild Gardening. This place has a
massive stone walled kitchen garden.

For prettifying oneself.

How gorgeous.

Endless tea in England.

Now THIS is what I call a bathroom.

And THIS is what I call a tap!

BJ kicks back.

Betty's fireside manner.

Ye Olde Baby.

We went to Gravetye Manor for my birthday and then wandered aimlessly til we stumbled on Yalding Farm. Gravetye was gorgeous and the gardens had to be seen to be believed. There was a kitchen garden and by the looks of it, when it is yielding, it would make enough goodies to supply the kitchen (Michelin one-star run by some poor French people trapped in the English countryside). They'll monitor your baby over the phone so you can eat sans baby like a single person - so nice to be able to hold a knife and a fork at once!

Yalding was great, but we'll need to go back. They are having a propagating workshop soon. On the home front, we have planted quite a bit of our garden and Julian is propagating lots of food (including seeds from our Waitrose tomatoes). We have strawberry runners, chives, coriander, lettuce, tomato, poppy and nasturtium seeds. I have been potting houseplants and crying about my seedlings being eaten by pidgeons. BJ has started baby massage which she loves, and regarding her vocal development - well, we can't shut her up.

Monday, April 10, 2006

First installment (well, her dad IS a photographer!)

This is the first installment of our holiday pictutres. We escaped to Hyams beach - yes there really were kangaroos on Pebbly Beach and Murray's Beach. Betty Jean went swimming in the ocean for the first time. We also went to Braidwood which was gorgeous. I have been lomo-ing again and as much as it hurts to pay for a dinosaur, I am going to buy a cheap flatbed so I can post my lomos and revive my lomo-home.

Some of the pics are of Lake George. We made a trip to Canberra where we were told we did not have enough joint bills to be common law partners! Julian lost his mind and I think the burocrat behind the desk felt sorry for me and BJ, so in the end they took pity on us and we are now all together on Julian's visa.

There's much more news than this, but I am posting during BJ's super-brief nap time so it's going to come in snippets.