Saturday, May 05, 2007

Betty Jean's First Bowl Cut

Here is Betty Jean post first haircut. She screamed like a Banshee, but gee doesn't she look cute?!

Betty Jean has been helping Julian in the garden. The shot directly above is French beans. We have no idea what the plant in the shot above that is. I forgot to label the seedlings so this year it's 'Salad Surprise' for us. I think I deserve a medal for best wife after resisting photographing Julian and Betty Jean's matching builders cracks while they were bent over hard at work together in the garden.

Here are some gratuitous baby snaps. Betty Jean has learned to 'please' us. She now smiles for the camera, has a very 90210 fake laugh, and can put on an Oscar-worthy clenched smile on demand.
Some details that only the family will bother reading:
BJ can point to body parts (her own), she can identify her daddy but not her mummy, and she is starting nursery 2 days per week from Tuesday. She is attempting to say Bunny (nene), Betty (etty), and can say daddy (but again not mummy), and something that sounds like shoes but in French.

Julian's birthday is on Tuesday. I remembered. I am making a trifle. Very excited although I shouldn't eat too much of it as I am getting a bit big all over and so can't use the pregnancy as an excuse. Julian is doing another course at Central St Martin's which he is enjoying, but he thinks it's a bit too Britain-heavy. He just shot a Britney lookalike who actually shaved her head when Britney did. tehy take their jobs very seriously.

As for me, I am looking forward to having some time to get in shape for the big day. It's months away, but I think a good way to look at labour is like you're training for a marathon. So it's going to be swimming twice a week and yoga for me. Yippee.