Monday, March 19, 2007

from Troyes to Queen's Park

We took BJ to the Zoo back in Feb. It was a dead quiet Tuesday afternoon and all the zookeepers were terribly bored so brought us ferrets to pat and arranged an impromptu show of the African birds feeding mid flight. It was great fun, but BJ slept most of the afternoon and missed out on seeing Ursula the bear.

Mum and Dad kindly minded Betty Jean while they were here so we could gallavant around Troyes and pretend we were childless. I almost convinced myself, but we missed her by the third day.

In true suburban style, we bought lawn. Unheard of these days in Australia. It's so fun being able to sit out there in the sun. I think the chickens have now lost the upper hand finally. They're in the garden beds and the lawn is again just for us. We bought some cloches so they can't eat our vegetables. I planted all our our March seeds, but I can't remember what most of them are. It's going to be interesting come Summer.