Monday, December 04, 2006

This week in OK! Heather and Denise Reconcile.

Julian has found a WIN YIP. It's like the supermarket in Market City, Haymarket. He did go into meltdown, but to his credit, this is the weirdest packaging he brought into our home. Often we end up with cutely packaged food that tastes like sand mixed with MSG.

Getting right into the consumer frenzy, Julian also bought us a tree! It is the first tree we have ever had. So each year, Christmas is getting better. No Quorn Spaghetti bol for us on Christmas Day this year!

Our baubles are now covered in Prince Charles'
cheese biscuits. Tasty.

The flat looks like a Tabaret.


Heather and Denise have decided that no cock is worth losing a friend over. Here they are in their new penthouse. I have discovered that chickens are pretty stupid. I am not really sure what I was expecting. They really seem to like us. I am spending a lot of time in my wellies collecting worms and snails for them as they seem too dense to recognise freedom. We leave their gate open all day, but they like the comfort of home. It has really given us a lot of satisfaction. We have always fancied ourselves as chicken owners, so it's like achieving a life goal. Poor Bunny is having some teeth out tomorrow. As if it isn't hard enough defending herself from the Betty Monster with red falsies on....

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