Sunday, January 07, 2007

Party Season

Betty Jean will very soon be one year old. It's been a huge 12 months, so to celebrate, Betty Jean invited her three closest buddies over for pink champagne and egg and dairy free (but surprisingly tasty) cupcakes. Iyla had to be sent home early in a cab.

Thelma and Matteo.

Iyla gets the party started.

Lemon icing - the best bit.

Iona finds other kids' toys WAY more
interesting than her own.

Gail and Matteo.

New Year's Eve we went to a
Kiddy Session of the English National Ballet.
Betty Jean loved Alice in Wonderland.

Iyla's 1st Birthday Party.

Too much partying!

South Africa - Julian's travels.
We're such slack chook parents!
We assumed the girls weren't laying, but they
had been busy indeed.

I know, so domestic it hurts. There's more of this to come in 07. Julian and I are having playing "Garden Gladiators" this Spring. To spice things up a bit (yeah I know gardening isn't that sexy), we're having an output contest. I have already made my garden calendar for 07 while Julian has started scavenging for garden accessories like home made cloches and black PVC (it's to warm the soil, not for a codpiece). Julian is doing a course this year on the History of Art at St Martin's and I am doing an etching course. In the name of MORE self improvement, I have made around 60 New Year's Resolutions, and I am going on my first diet since the wild success of Atkins (no sarcasm at all - it works!) It's a Grazia diet, and it's about eating healthily and snacking on unlimited fruit. What will they think of next?

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