Thursday, October 11, 2007

Guinevere Wolkenstein

Little Evie was born 3kg at the hideous St Mary's in Paddington. We had a really gung ho midwife who managed to motivate me to get Evie out in only four minutes of pushing. There were no scary consequences and we're enjoying getting to know each other already.

Evie looks like BJ who looks like Julian. Julian can't see the logic and now thinks we conned him when we said Betty Jean was definitely his daughter. (Our postie is black so I am off the hook there). Julian has been the model husband and I honestly can't believe my luck. He takes care of all of us, so that I can be with Evie. It's lovely.

The nights are long, but I do love seeing her little face, even at 1am, 3am and 5am. We had our first big outing today. We went to Kew Gardens and saw the Henry Moore exhibition. I don't love Henry Moore but you can't beat the setting.

We're trying to decide on middle names for Evie. I nearly convinced Julian that Camille was a good name, but then I confessed that it's one of Prince's codenames and I think it put him off.
Here are some pics of our expanding family.

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